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Mold Damage

a little about mold…

Mold Spores inside your property can be hazardous to your health

When people see signs of a water leak, such as buckling floors or water dripping from the ceiling, their first instinct is to repair the problem where they see it. It is important to know that water can travel for 20-30 feet before emerging and that the entire path of travel needs to be dried out. Failure to do this can result in denied insurance claims down the road as well as causing environmental hazards such as mold. Don’t delay, call a professional.


Mold Remediation Process

We will inspect the damage, apply treatments, and ensure that the mold does not return. We use HEPA filtered equipment, protective gear, and anti-microbial chemicals to remove any traces of mold from your property.


After receiving your call or email, we will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. Once we arrive, we will assess the situation and determine the best course of action.


Mold thrives in environments with elevated moisture. We will set up drying equipment, isolating HVAC system, identifying any areas with such moisture levels so that we can address the issues and prevent further growth of mold spores.


We will set up containment barriers to prevent cross-contamination. Manage Air Flow & Pressure Differentials and physically remove any visible mold growth, treating all affected areas with anti-microbial chemicals. We will use HEPA filtered vacuums and Air Scrubbers to remove any mold growth from the air inside the affected area.


After the remediation process is complete, we will verify that all mold has been cleaned up and removed and no elevated moisture is present within the impacted building materials. PASS Post Remediation Verification


FastFix will provide you with a list of recommendations and items that need to be repaired to help you resolve the restoration part of your claim quickly and efficiently.


Upon project completion, we will sanitize all areas and clean up after ourselves. We will provide you and your insurance company all the information needed to help resolve your claim quickly and fairly.



Our experience did not appear by magic. It came of training and networking with many other professionals to obtain a vast base of knowledge that is now at your disposal. With experienced professionals employed by us and more that we can call on throughout the industry if needed, no project is outside of our ability to handle.

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