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Water Damage

a little about water damage…

Water Intrusion into your property can be destructive and dangerous

When people see signs of a water leak, such as buckling floors or water dripping from the ceiling, their first instinct is to repair the problem where they see it. It is important to know that water can travel for 20-30 feet before emerging and that the entire path of travel needs to be dried out. Failure to do this can result in denied insurance claims down the road as well as causing environmental hazards such as mold. Don’t delay, call a professional.


Water Damage Mitigation Process

Most companies will tell you that water damage mitigation is a complex and involved process. Here is a simple step-by-step overview so you can get a basic idea of the drying process


After receiving a call or e-mail from you, we will schedule an appointment, usually the same day or next day. When we arrive, we will inspect the water intrusion and determine a course of action. The first step is to find and stop the leak.


We will check the moisture levels of your floor and wall coverings (drywall and plaster) and determine which areas have been affected. Based on this, we will figure out which equipment we need to mitigate the damage and how much of it.


We will deliver and set up our mitigation equipment, in order to dry out the water that has been absorbed by your structural materials. We will monitor our equipment readings to ensure that the drying process is working correctly.


Throughout the drying process, we will document our equipment readings and continuously check and recheck the moisture levels of your structural materials to ensure that the drying is proceeding correcly and without issues.


As your property dries, we will make the necessary adjustments to equipment positioning and quantity so that we can focus on the areas that need attention most.


Upon project completion, we will sanitize all areas and clean up after ourselves. Then, we will compose an invoice, detailing all of our services, with photographs and diagrams. We will communicate all information to you and to your insurance adjuster to help you resolve your claim quickly and fairly.

Our experience did not appear by magic. It came of training and networking with many other professionals to obtain a vast base of knowledge that is now at your disposal. With experienced professionals employed by us and more that we can call on throughout the industry if needed, no project is outside of our ability to handle.

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