Many companies are advertising a new technology called “Dry Fog” and are even going so far as to say that it is the “Future Of Mold Remediation.”

Is it for real?

Dry fogging can not destroy the source of the spore growth, causing mold damage in your home. It’s simple- Your mold will return because it was not destroyed at its source. That is why we would never waste your money on this gimmick.  Actual mold removal eliminates all traces and spores of mold by seeping through her floor and drywall, all the way to the studs, to eliminate the source of the problem. Fogging is cheaper and less invasive, but we can not guarantee that dry fogging will work… So, do you want to take a chance?

True Story:

A woman came to FastFix Restoration because she had recently paid for dry fogging services in her home, and the mold returned after a few days. We explained to her that even though the Fogging Company promised it would remove mold…dry fogging, in fact, is not a real mold removal solution. She had to start over and do it right.


The Bottom Line – Dry Fogging Does Not Penetrate Hard Surfaces

In this process of dry fogging, the microbial Volatile Organic Compound vapor might eliminate the MUSTY smell in the air. But it can not kill the spores. Nor does it kill the source of the mold, which will continue to release spores into the air. Your house might smell better. The air might test cleaner, but in a matter of hours, days, or weeks, your mold will return.

FastFix does it right

Dry Fogging is just not invasive enough and does not affect the underlying surfaces that contain the source of your mold. In essence, this is a band-aid fix.

Our process is simple- we inspect the damage, apply treatments, and ensure that the mold does not return. We use HEPA-filtered equipment, protective gear, and antimicrobial chemicals to remove any traces of mold from your property.

You can Trust FastFix.

FastFix Restoration understands homeowners’ hardship when experiencing mold in their houses. No one wants to demolish their property, but we also know that no one wants to live in a home with mold. We all know how dangerous it can become.

Let a professional take a look and see what is best. We guarantee our work and stand by the traditional method approved by the IICRC S520 for successful mold remediation.

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We are providing mold removal and remediation services in the following areas: 

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