At FastFix Restoration, we are experts at helping homeowners deal with natural disasters. It is essential that homeowners prioritize their safety. The wellbeing of your family and the need to recover quickly go hand in hand. Here is a general guideline on what you should do:

    • Ensure Personal Safety:
      • Check yourself and your family members for injuries. Administer basic first aid if necessary.
      • Be cautious of hazards such as gas leaks, electrical hazards, and structural damage. Evacuate if your home is unsafe.
    • Alert Authorities:
      • If you’re in immediate danger or need rescue assistance, call 911 or your local emergency number.
      • Report any gas leaks, downed power lines, or other hazards to the appropriate authorities.
    • Communicate:
      • Contact loved ones to let them know you are safe and your whereabouts.
      • If you have an emergency communication plan, follow it.
    • Follow Official Instructions:
      • Listen to local authorities and emergency services for evacuation orders, shelter locations, and safety instructions.
    • Evacuation:
      • If ordered to evacuate, do so promptly and follow the designated evacuation routes.
      • Take essential items like identification, medications, important documents, and a disaster kit with you.
    • Document Damage:
      • If it’s safe to do so, take photos or videos of the damage to your property. This documentation can be crucial for insurance claims.
    • Check for Utility Hazards:
      • Turn off gas, electricity, and water if you suspect damage or if instructed to do so by authorities.
      • Do not turn utilities back on until they have been inspected and deemed safe by professionals.
    • Contact Insurance:
      • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to begin the claims process. Provide them with the necessary documentation of damage.
  • Contact Fast Fix Restoration and Begin Cleanup and Recovery:
    • Contact us immediately so we can assess all the structural damage and repairs that are needed.
    • Once it’s safe, start cleaning up debris and assessing the extent of damage.
  • Plan for Future Preparedness:
    • Learn from the experience and make a disaster preparedness plan for the future, including emergency kits, evacuation plans, and communication strategies.
    • The experts at FastFix will help you create a strong and proactive disaster preparedness plan.


Engaging the services of a professional restoration company like FastFix is not just a preference is a necessity

Our rapid response, expertise, comprehensive damage assessment, efficient water removal, mold prevention, structural restoration, and insurance assistance collectively contribute to a comprehensive and effective recovery process. After a natural disaster, entrusting your property to FastFix Restoration can make all the difference in restoring your home to its pre-disaster condition and ensuring the safety and well-being of your family.

We want this blog to not only offer our services but to educate and make you aware of what you can do to protect you, your family, and your home. FastFix Restoration understands the hardship that homeowners can face when experiencing natural disasters.

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